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Episode 132: The Professor (with Ryan Williams)

This week on the show that's not watching Olympic hockey (thanks Bettman), comedian RYAN WILLIAMS returns to tell us how to void a sample in athletic drug testing, and bring the energy Stefan can no longer muster after 12 hours of Twitch streaming. PLUS: John goes deep on Olympic curling controversies! I believe! Do you believe?? I love my thick wife! And we set our trading blocks for the trade deadline of life.

Episode 131: Local DJ (with Trevor Risk)

This week on the show that puts the dirty side of the mop right underneath its arm, the Real Good Boys are joined by Letterkenny writer/DJ/musician/man-about-town TREVOR RISK, for a delightful chat about counterterrorism, 90s sports posters, and asks the all-important question, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" PLUS: Jake Virtanen slides into a Twitch streamer's DMs! Family Day! Gamer Goo! And Justin thwarts a bank robber and enjoys his brief moment as Spider-Man.

Episode 130: A Pony For Kony (with Christine Bortolin)

This week on the show that won't answer your questions (someone else?), the Real Good Boys are thrilled to be joined by delightful Vancouver improviser CHRISTINE BORTOLIN for an occasionally heartfelt and often hilarious chat about high school parties, Skype sunsets, the Jackass movies and peeing in bags. PLUS: Tasteless Super Bowl ads! A student discovers John's LiveJournal! And what to do about notorious Ugandan war lord Joseph Kony.

Episode 129: A Very Long Introduction

This week on the show that told you man, alphabetical order, man! The Real Good Boys try to make it through an entire episode without ever segueing out of the intro, and Stefan reveals his childhood wish to have leprosy. PLUS: Taking your laptop into the bathroom! John is nominated for a Vancouver comedy award! It's not a good award! NHL All-Star formats! The price of watermelons! And we pin down the price it would take to move the show to Nunavut full time.

Episode 128: Reese's Good Show

This week on the show that keeps its foot on your nut, the Real Good Boys turn into the Reese's Good Boys for an episode and rekindle the fiery debate that had the internet talking. PLUS: A new debate: is Mounds a chocolate bar, or just a lump? Cup stacking! Pistachios! We take a look at our favourite Kenny vs. Spenny episodes! And we finally discuss how we would feel if a genie had granted our favourite athletes their abilities.


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