Episode 122: Fresh Produce (with Rob Whisman)

This week on the show that's not answering any questions about this evening, the Real Good Boys are joined by writer / Stefan's roommate ROB WHISMAN as our beautiful L.A. boys get set for a wild night at Dave & Buster's. PLUS: We welcome our new producer, Daniel Cuzzetto, who says nothing! Revisiting Mr. Hands! Hobo vs. Drifter! Which Reese Witherspoon will you marry? And a tragic update in Does John Mayer Follow Me On Twitter.

Episode 121: Drinking Poison (with Ember Konopaki)

This week on the show that can't post video to Facebook, the Real Good Boys are joined by improviser Ember Konopaki to discuss Christmas jams, 4 o'clock starts, and taking a deep swig of poison in the most dramatic moment possible. PLUS: Stefan pushes the limits of RGS bleeps! And we cut post-game interviews for mundane jobs.

Episode 120: SeatDaddy (with Chris James)

This week on the show that's determined to find out who's the best dude or dudette doin' weather, comedian CHRIS JAMES is back to make his case for why he's the best RGS guest ever, discuss why he's giving up on the CFL, and play our new game Does John Mayer Follow Me On Twitter. PLUS: The secret Canadian history of five-pin bowling! Haim Saban's Flat Earth Troopers! What's a dog? And Chris and John hash out their issues in a secret side ep of Podcaps.

Episode 119: Phoning It In

This week on the show that's got hella tacos, hella enchiladas and hella quesadillas, we figured there's no topping last week's episode so why even bother trying. Stefan's phoning it in from work (literally) and doesn't that just sum it up. PLUS: Donald Trump engages Lavar Ball in the feud we've all been secretly waiting for! Australia approves gay marriage! And we get romantic with Joel Embiid.

Episode 118: Ham Fighter (with Charlie Demers)

This week on the show that's out for a winter stroll on a snowy sunlit moonlit evening, the Real Good Boys are joined by comedian and author CHARLIE DEMERS for a raucous chat on science class dissections, baseball outfield obstacles, and gay chickens. PLUS: Colin Kaepernick is GQ's Citizen of the Year! The filmography of Paul Gross! And junior goalie Griffen Outhouse.

Episode 117: Dad In Real Life

This week on the Diet Mug Root Beer Real Good Show, the the Real Good Boys go deep on the 2006 Frankie Muniz survival horror video game murder movie Stay Alive, and roll out a Tee Spring campaign fuelled by classic RGS bits. PLUS: We rebrand as a comedy show without all that sports stuff, and then immediately mourn the loss of Roy Halladay. And would you score an own-goal to save a dying child? All that and more after an all new Home Improvement.

Episode 116: RIP Mr. Buckles (with Sophie Buddle)

This week on the show that doesn't know why the hell Nike made these damn uniforms with hoods on em, the Real Good Boys are joined by the delightful SOPHIE BUDDLE for a spirited conversation on elementary school birthdays, Halloween and candy corn. PLUS: Yuli Gurriel's deferred suspension! The best Real Good Secret yet! And John Watches A Thing returns to its sports injury roots.

Episode 115: Going Postal (with Rob Whisman)

This week on the show that's perplexed by adult goths, the Real Good Boys are joined by comedy writer ROB WHISMAN, a.k.a. Stefan's roommate, for a spirited discussion on the U.S. Postal Service's history of violence, Dave Foley's penis, and the cartoon skin colours of Doug. PLUS: The return of John Watches A Thing! Mike Leach is back! And how many rushing yards could you accumulate on 20 carries against a bunch of 7th graders?

Episode 114: The Craig Monster (with Jesse Farrar)

This week on the show that look on graphic for the final two bullet points, the Real Good Boys are joined by Craig Custance of The Athletic to promote Craig's new book, which happens to be Jesse Farrar's book, Ask The Old Football Coach: Brilliantly Brainless Advice From The Ghosts Of Gridiron's Past. That's because it's actually Jesse Farrar of Your Kickstarter Sucks joining us FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE for the first time ever (on a non-donorsode). Craig, we'd still love to have you. Please be in touch. PLUS: Al Michaels really steps in it! James Corden sucks ass and should go back to fuckin England or wherever! And Stefan vapes and eats salami. 

Episode 113: Ric Flair Is The Unabomber

This week on the show that's been louder places than this, the Real Good Boys are reunited and it feels so good! Stefan is home for Thanksgiving so we get the band back together, live from the SN650 studios! PLUS: The return of Let's Get Real With Stefan! Mike Pence walks out! Szechuan sauce! McDonald's dipping squirts!