Episode 84: Planes Up The Cup (with Ivan Decker)

This week on the show that just needs a moment alone with Skip Bayless, comedian IVAN DECKER joins the Real Good Boys to unbox some Pro Bowling Association trading cards, discuss Charles Barkley's bloodlust and weigh the merits of forcibly breast-feeding other people's babies. PLUS: Cussing in French! And Lavar Ball takes self-promotion to dazzling new heights.

Episode 83: Woke Daddy (with Tom Hill)

This week on the show that's still #1 until you can find one better, the Real Good Boys are joined by HIP.BANG/BLIND TIGER improviser TOM HILL for a Pi Day spectacular that involves eating pie, opening mail, and flipping through Desert Storm cards. This is an unboxing podcast now. PLUS: Iain MacIntyre vs. CanucksArmy! Spa retreats! And obscure Parker Brothers board games.

Episode 82: Acting The Maggot (with Jesse Farrar)

This week on the show in dire need of a change up, our good friend JESSE FARRAR stops by to promote his new podcast Your Kickstarter Sucks, present evidence of Jared Fogle's innocence, and expose deep secrets from John's iTunes history. PLUS: Irish hurler Lee Chin is shocked by hockey's drinking culture, including having a beer with lunch. And new CFL quarterback Vince Young attempts to say "Saskatchewan".

Episode 81: #NormKellyIsActuallyBad (with Jeff Veillette)

This week on the show that needs to make a f***ing save out there, the Real Good Boys are joined by the Nation Network's Managing Editor of Hockey Content, Jeff Veillette, to discuss the Leafs and Canucks' deadline moves, Carolina coach Bill Peters' incendiary comments about his own goaltender, and Jeff's one-sided feud with Toronto city councillor and all-around trash-person Norm Kelly. PLUS: We recap that bizarre Lee Powell Twitter beef, and formally announce the forthcoming Real Good Show Baseball Club season.

Episode 80: Saddle Tramps (with K. Trevor Wilson)

This week on the show that would have money if there were no sports, comedian and actor K. TREVOR WILSON guides us through the Timegate to the land of the Saddle Tramps as we bid farewell to the IMDb Message Boards and discuss Rogers Video, pyromania, and K. Trev's Letterkenny problems. PLUS: Stefan seeks out the Lemon Party survivors, and we dig in to the most robust pack of Desert Storm trading cards yet!

Episode 79: 52 Card Scuffle

This week on the show whose hosts deserve five for fighting, John is back from curling provincials and he's furious that Stefan and Justin opened up a mailed-in gift last week without him. This populist man of the people, famous for being the kindest and most welcoming of the RGS hosts, is rallying the listeners behind him in the John World Order using the hashtag #TeamCullen. PLUS: Genie Bouchard goes on a date with a fan from Twitter, the boys debate curling lingo, and Justin maps out his steroid intake to participate in the Tour de France. Oh, and more Desert Storm cards!

Episode 78: Dolan Out Cards (with Chris James)

This week on the show that's cleaned up its butt, comedian CHRIS JAMES returns to take John's place while he's away at curling provincials. Chris and Stefan talk their forthcoming Bar Rescue video podcast, Podcast Rescue, and stream a portion of this week's episode on LiveJasmin.com as a test run before we open up one of the best gifts we've ever received. PLUS: James Dolan and Charles Oakley's public feud is the stuff of legend, and Michael Bisping and Yoel Romero offer up unconventional fight promotion. Oh, and, umm, the Super Bowl, I guess.

Episode 76: Go To Sex (with Jesse Farrar)

This week on the show that plays baseball (way to go!), the Real Good Boys salute Henrik Sedin's accomplishments and get somewhat serious about mental health issues. And speaking of mental issues, we try to decipher Don Cherry's nonsense analysis of Jared Spurgeon. PLUS: Jesse Farrar goes to court and regales with tales of America's legal system.

Episode 75: Furt Grilling

This week on the show that's asking you if you want us to be here, it's very late, the Real Good Boys are fresh off of recording a new donor episode, and things quickly get delirious as we're sucked down a Curt Schilling rabbit hole. PLUS: Aaron Rodgers' family feud! The Seagulls get lit up! Accusations of reverse racism in the NHL All-Star selections get one writer fired for being a complete dumbass! And Stefan joins a new church.

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