BCHL CALL OF THE WEEK: "Joe Drapluk ties the game!"

Every week on TSN Radio's BCHL This Week, host Jeff Paterson guides listeners through the week that was around the league, with several interviews and features highlighting the BCHL's players and coaches both past and present, whether they're a key contributor in the league right now or an alumni doing the league proud at higher levels. Starting this week, that show also includes a stand-out goal chosen to be the league's best of the week that was, and the inaugural BCHL Call of the Week honours were given to Joe Drapluk's tying effort from last Sunday's 4-3 Eagles overtime win.

To cut the formality for a second and speak a little personally, this was a big time thrill for me, as I was given no advance notice that my call had been selected for this. I found out like anyone else did, by listening to the show. And what a surprise it was to hear my own voice once the segment had been introduced. As a broadcaster brand new to the league, this is a humbling honour, and something I do not take lightly. This... was really cool, honestly. Thanks to the Brent Mutis and the BCHL as well as Jeff Paterson at TSN for choosing my call, and thank you to Joe Drapluk and Quinn Lenihan for making it easy to get excited about their strong play.

It might be a while before this honour comes back around to me again. But in the meantime, I'm gonna savour this feeling.