Episode 61: Butt Funnel (with Graham Wright)

This week on the show declaring war on the cyber-humans, TOKYO POLICE CLUB's Graham Wright stops by for a lively chat with the CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD-NOMINATED Real Good Boys. We guide Graham through his Canadian music industry fantasy hockey draft while discussing the Blue Jays' Wild Card beer thrower, Jason Whitlock's incomprehensible anti-Twitter screed, and the etiquette of re-entering fast food joints you've just exited. PLUS: The Taffer Tracker returns in one of its finest appearances to date, and we announce some exciting new plans for the future of RGS.

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Jaromir Jagr's Czech model blackmail photo.

Jaromir Jagr's Czech model blackmail photo.

The infamous Dustin Byfuglien wedding photo.

The infamous Dustin Byfuglien wedding photo.




Stefan recommends: Based On A True Story, by Norm Macdonald

Graham recommends: The Whites, by Richard Price

Justin recommends: L.A. Confidential (1997), directed by the late Curtis Hanson

John recommends: Flock of Dimes - If You See Me, Say Yes (2016)