Real Grap Show - Episode 2: Blue is the Warmest Brand (with Patrick Monahan)


The Grap Show returns! Justin is joined by comedian Patrick Monahan for a lengthy discussion on the state of WWE, why so many comedians and broadcasters are drawn to it, and how Pat got sucked in to the wild world of wrestling.

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Topics include:
- The kinship between the McMahons and Donald Trump
- Drinking in the gift of Jericho
- Why babyfaces don't stand a chance against charismatic heels like Owens, Jericho and Rollins
- Are title-swaps ruining Charlotte and Sasha?
- Brock vs. Goldberg is Rocky Balboa
- How has the Cruiserweight Division gone sour so fast?
- The curious direction of the SmackDown tag team division
- Baron Corbin's weird stomach
- What to do with Randy Orton and re-invigorating Bray Wyatt
- Golden memories of good booking

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