Episode 75: Furt Grilling

This week on the show that's asking you if you want us to be here, it's very late, the Real Good Boys are fresh off of recording a new donor episode, and things quickly get delirious as we're sucked down a Curt Schilling rabbit hole. PLUS: Aaron Rodgers' family feud! The Seagulls get lit up! Accusations of reverse racism in the NHL All-Star selections get one writer fired for being a complete dumbass! And Stefan joins a new church.

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Stefan recommends: Scientology.

John recommends: 99: Stories of the Game, by Wayne Gretzky

Justin recommends: El Phantasmo, Vancouver's indie wrestling darling

Justin also recommends: Someone Knows Something, CBC true crime podcast

Posted on January 20, 2017 and filed under podcast.