Episode 80: Saddle Tramps (with K. Trevor Wilson)

This week on the show that would have money if there were no sports, comedian and actor K. TREVOR WILSON guides us through the Timegate to the land of the Saddle Tramps as we bid farewell to the IMDb Message Boards and discuss Rogers Video, pyromania, and K. Trev's Letterkenny problems. PLUS: Stefan seeks out the Lemon Party survivors, and we dig in to the most robust pack of Desert Storm trading cards yet!

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Stefan recommends: Sniper Elite 4 (2017 video game)

John recommends: The Great Beanie Baby Bubble, by Zac Bissonnette (2015 book)

Justin recommends: Legion (2017 TV series)

K. Trevor recommends: What Would Sal Do? (2017 Crave TV series)

Outro Music: "Keep On Dancing", by The Gentrys