Episode 98: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Gold Knight

This week on the show that -- metaphorically speaking -- is on crack, the Real Good Boys are left alone to get back on their bullshit as they say goodbye to Luca Sbisa, hello to Elias Pettersson and Timothy Liljegren, and revisit the Luca Sbisa Would Do of the Week one last time. PLUS: Speaking of being back on your bullshit, Stephen A. Smith is wilding out on Phil Jackson! Roberto Osuna and the Blue Jays are commendably honest about mental health! And in honour of our two-year anniversary, we try to remember things we talked about way back on Episode 1.

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Outro Music: "Pretty Pimpin", by Kurt Vile




Stefan recommends: Beercalona FC (2017 rec league soccer team)

John recommends: Detroit Red Wings fans tweeting angrily about Michael Rasmussen (2017 tweets)

Justin recommends: Top Marks (2017 wrestling podcast)