Episode 100: Dumb Pilot (with Michael Hale)

This week on the show that's feeling very nostalgic for a century of magical RGS moments, the Real Good Boys look back at the road that brought them here. We're joined by MICHAEL HALE of the Your Kickstarter Sucks podcast for a countdown of the most classic RGS moments over the last two years. PLUS: Justin has professional beef to work out from last week's football tournament! How many Stefans could take down Conor McGregor? We're still stuck on Steve Rannazzisi's 9/11 claims! And thank you so much to our good friend Jonathan Feather.

michael hale.jpg

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Outro Music: "All These Things That I've Done", by The Killers



Stefan recommends: This bonus question from Marlin.

Justin recommends: Juke (Vancouver fried chicken restaurant on Keefer in Chinatown)

Justin also recommends: Killing Floor 2 (2016 PS4 online shooter)

John recommends: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017 Wii U/Switch game)