Episode 99: Serial Joe C (with Kevvy)

This week on the show that dares you to put that in your report, you little pipsqueak, FAKE SHARK lead singer KEVVY joins the Real Good Boys to talk about touring with Marilyn Manson, meeting Limp Bizkit, and writing music for WWE Films. PLUS: Picking Stefan's bandwagon teams in LA! Pooping in the octagon! First concerts! Sending human remains into space! And John and Kevvy announce their new nü-metal podcast The P.O.D.cast.

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Fake Shark's new album Faux Real is full of infectious hooks and is the perfect summer soundtrack. Find it on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your music.

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Outro Music: "Mistake", by Serial Joe




John recommends: NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (1994 SNES game)

Stefan recommends: Twin Peaks (1990 & 2017 TV series)

Justin recommends: The Ball Family on Monday Night Raw's Miz TV (2017 TV clip)

Kevvy recommends: "Every Where Is Some Where", by K.Flay (2017 album)

Kevvy also recommends: "Faux Real", by Fake Shark (2017 album)