Episode 106: Press The Button

This week on the show that's lost the number, the Real Good Boys looked directly at the one thing optometrists warned us not to: SummerSlam. But you know we're talking about that eclipse, baby. What a sight to see, or not see! An indelible moment that will surely be cherished forever, or immediately forgotten. Who can say? PLUS: Josh Ho-Sang is a good dude! Don La Greca explodes! John insists he doesn't want to be appreciated online but it sure sounds like he does! And Stefan debuts his all new segment, "I'm Callin' You Out!"

stefan crockpot.jpg

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Outro Music: "Shadow On The Sun", by Audioslave



Big Daddy Puts asks: "If you 3 were added to the roster of the Real Good Jokers, could you win the Little League World Series?"

Jeff 604 asks: "You are able to give an athlete spontaneous diarrhea at any point in history. When and where do you use this power?"


Stefan recommends: One Punch Man (2015 anime)

John recommends: "Painted Ruins" by Grizzly Bear (2017 album)

Justin recommends: Rhino vs. The Sandman at ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000 (2000 wrestling match)