Episode 164: Home Alone

This week on the show that needs something to blame after last year, John is away watching the Leafs home opener, so Stefan and Justin fly solo and go heavy on Canucks content right before the 2018/19 NHL season kicks off. And why not when they’ve given us so much to talk about: on banning Fortnite, Bo Horvat’s political machinations, the case for playing skill guys, and Stefan’s #IgnoreTheLottery campaign. PLUS: The Gritty backlash has arrived! Kawhi Leonard’s weird laugh! Predicting the NHL season! And what it would take for us to finally stop cheering for the Canucks.

home alone.jpg

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Outro Music: “I Think We’re Alone Now”, by Tiffany




Stefan recommends: The Dark Forest, by Cixin Liu (sci-fi novel, sequel to The Three Body Problem)

dark forest.jpg

Justin recommends: The Predator (2018 sci-fi / action film)