Episode 166: Back in the Saddle (with Nick Dika)

This week on the show that's back from the dead, Justin lays out his vision of the future of the show and hopes that you'll stick around to see it through with him. The show comes back in earnest next week, but in the meantime, there's already an example of what an RGS episode with Justin flying solo with guest sounds like. Chances are, you just haven't heard it…

nick dika 2.jpg

Unlocked from behind the Patreon paywall for your listening pleasure is "1on1 with Nick Dika", as the Arkells bassist joined me in conversation over Juno Weekend back in March. Consider it a taste of what you can expect going forward. I hope you'll stick around.

Arkells' new record Rally Cry is available wherever you get your music. Check it out. It's great.

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