Episode 133: Better Off Deadline

This week on the show that can barely read, mate, the Real Good Boys get back to their roots with some hardcore, post-Trade Deadline discussion/depression about the Canucks. John moderates a discussion of the team's direction with Stefan and Justin, who grow increasingly despaired and try to decide if the Canucks will win a Cup while any of us are alive. PLUS: Roger Ebert! Building a statue of ourselves! Action figures! And the return of Steven Adams to Clip of the Week!


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Roger Ebert's thumb

Roger Ebert's thumb

A bench at the beach in John's hometown of White Rock, BC

A bench at the beach in John's hometown of White Rock, BC

How much does it cost to make a life-sized statue of someone? 


Canucks Mailbag Questions

Clip of the Week


One Good Thing

Stefan Recommends: "Game Night" (2018 film)

Justin Recommends: Black Panther (2018 film)

John Recommends: "Bob's Burgers" (TV Series)

Outro Music: "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley