Episode 134: The Very Best Braggart

This week on the show that's screaming obscenities at the refs, John wins big at the Vancouver Comedy Awards, walking away with Biggest Humblebragger 2018. We force him to examine the behaviour that led to this victory, and wonder if even a humble bragger can be humbled. PLUS: Brock Boeser's broken back, and Stefan's broken heart! The Whitecaps refuse to let their best player win Man of the Match! Vancouver's archaic liquor laws! LA meetings! Standard issue college professor smoking pipes! And John is encouraged to try edibles.

john humblebrag award.jpg

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Outro Music: "Your Dog", by Soccer Mommy

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Stefan recommends: Michael Shannon (actor)

Justin recommends: Premium Rush (2012 action thriller with Michael Shannon)

John recommends: "Clean", by Soccer Mommy (2018 album)