Episode 147: Does Cyclops Have A Wife

This week on the show that's rolling to victory by a head over Cage Fighter, Stefan is back in studio with us and baby, it's a real studio! The Real Good Studio is officially open for business! We re-open the decal/deckle debate, dish on Bryan Colangelo's burner accounts, and roll out Stefan's Posting School. PLUS: How Many X-Men Can John Name! What NHL city would have the worst time in a pre-game entertainment arms race with Vegas? Our least favourite Canuck is back in the spotlight with his Please-Like-My-Sport LeBron takes! And the boys reveal their own J.R. Smith-esque biggest brain fart moments!

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Outro Music: "It's A Mistake", by Men At Work

It's the Real Good Studio!

It's the Real Good Studio!

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Stefan recommends: Westworld (season 2 of HBO sci-fi series, 2018)

John recommends: The Stranger in the Woods, by Michael Finkel (2017 hermit biography)

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Justin recommends: "Solo: A Star Wars Story" (2018 space adventure movie)