Episode 152: Vessel For The Game

This week on the show that's pushing awkward points, very well made, the boys talk hamburger power rankings, and Stefan busts out a tape measure to size up his enormous cranium. PLUS: Justin takes a date to the Canucks Summer Showdown... What could go wrong? Stefan breaks down the rooms of his parents' house in which he has and has not, uhh... self-examined himself. A fire alarm disrupts the show! And we regret to inform you that Nick Kyrgios is at it again.

nick kyrgios wimbledon.jpg

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Outro Music: "Message in a Bottle", by The Police




Stefan recommends: Hollow Knight (2018 Switch platformer)

Justin recommends: The Downlow Chicken Shack (Vancouver's only Nashville chicken restaurant)

John recommends: GLOW Season 2 (2018 Netflix series)