Episode 156: Dial P for PornHub

This week on the show that still kisses its kids on the mouth, the Real Good Boys realize it's been a long time since they've come up with a new segment, so they spend an awful lot of time doing just that, cooking some up in the Segment Kitchen. PLUS: Justin goes Incognito! Ray Lewis gets inducted into the Hall of Fame! Don Cherry (not that one, the other one)! And Justin finally becomes a man and gets his first-ever SCENE Card.


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Feels weird there isn't a lot else to post in the blog, but we really did just talk about creating new segments, and I refuse to post a link to that thing we discussed. You know.




Stefan Recommends: "Ken Burns' Vietnam", a 2018 docuseries

John Recommends: "Hollow Knight", a 2018 Metroidvania game for Nintendo Switch

Justin Recommends: "Who is America?", a 2018 TV show by Sacha Baron Cohen

Outro Music: "Brown Rice", by Don Cherry