Episode 161: The Italian Beef Beef

This week on the show that thinks pressure is millions of parents with no money to buy food for their children, we’re beefin’ ‘bout that beef, baby! Justin returns from Chicago to defend his food choices and go all in on the merits of Italian Beef, raising his fist in solidarity with his Italian Beef brothers held down by a sandwich society that fears what it doesn’t understand. Stefan continues to collect royalties on the sale of Hydro Flasks. PLUS: Earbuds vs Airpods! Super Smash Bros! And we pitch our own Food Network original series.

italian beef.jpg

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Outro Music: “Heavy Metal Drummer”, by Wilco




Stefan recommends: The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin (sci-fi novel)

three body problem.jpg

John recommends: Spider-Man (2018 PS4 game)

Justin recommends: All In (2018 indie wrestling show)

Justin also recommends: The Coquitlam Express getting banned from Twitter.