Episode 163: The Chip & Dip Blip

This week on the show that f***ing was terrible today, the Real Good Boys are back giving the people more of what they want: in-depth food discussions. It’s snacking season, baby! No better way to enjoy the NFL season than with some quality chips and dip. But which chips are best? And John comes out swinging against dip in general. PLUS: Stefan buys the world’s worst bag of chips. And Justin waxes nostalgic about the authentic Mexican cuisine of Blaine, Washington. (Editor’s Note: This episode was recorded during the tail-end of an era that future historians will call Before Gritty.)

paso del norte.jpg

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Outro Music: “Dip”, by Danny Brown




John recommends: Summer Heights High, a comedy series by Chris Lilley

Stefan recommends: KyoChon, a Los Angeles Korean fried chicken joint

Justin recommends: GLOW (Netflix series)