Episode 182: Roxy Flu (with The Puck Bunnies, Audrey & Christina)

This week on the show that needed a few days to recover from last weekend, returning champions AUDREY & CHRISTINA from PUCK BUNNIES bring their belts back to the show to talk the NHL Draft, Tyler Myers and the problem with free agency, trading a first round pick for J.T. Miller, and their newfound celebrity status after rubbing shoulders with the NHL media elites and being recognized in the streets. PLUS: The girls go deep into Justin’s astrology chart, and Audrey is dying after one magic night at The Roxy.

audrey christina justin.jpg

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Outro Music: “Kids In America”, by Kim Wilde

The Bunnies recommend: The Pattern (astrology mobile app)

Justin recommends: The Dead Don’t Die (2019 absurdist zombie comedy)