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Episode 56: Beating A Dead Whatever (with Kari Campbell)

This week on the show full of fairy tale stuff you won't teach your kids about, we're joined by RGS Special Horse Girl, former show-jumper (and Justin's girlfriend) Kari Campbell, who schools us on whether the horse is doing all the work, how Stefan would fare as a rider, and why equestrian sports belong in the Olympics. PLUS: Ryan Lochte! Jared Leto! Will Hayes! And exploring the reggae roots of our dear friend, Harambe. We can't phantom you missing this one.

Episode 55: Twist My Arm

This week on the show that definitely holds water, we discuss the 2016 Rio Olympics -- but only very tangentially. Is swimming the fastest really that impressive? And the fans rally to force John to watch a disgusting video of a weightlifter snapping his arm in half. PLUS: After the raucous reaction to last week's Limp Bizkit material, John's Nü-Metal Nook casts its watchful eye on Linkin Park and Korn.