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Episode 134: The Very Best Braggart

This week on the show that's screaming obscenities at the refs, John wins big at the Vancouver Comedy Awards, walking away with Biggest Humblebragger 2018. We force him to examine the behaviour that led to this victory, and wonder if even a humble bragger can be humbled. PLUS: Brock Boeser's broken back, and Stefan's broken heart! The Whitecaps refuse to let their best player win Man of the Match! Vancouver's archaic liquor laws! LA meetings! Standard issue college professor smoking pipes! And John is encouraged to try edibles.

Episode 110: Technical Difficulties

This week on the show that's having the time of its life, the Real Good Boys hit double-digits inside triple-digits, which is not a thing. But anyway. Stefan's got internet trouble this week so he's a bit of a garbly robot. Justin produces an NHL broadcast. And John blows his leg off on a naval mine. PLUS: Someone sent a secret! Details on the Influencer program! A prolonged Stefan rant on the pure despair of Vancouver sports fandom! And Sergio Dipp barges into our hearts with the worst TV debut since The Shockmaster!

Episode 85: Jokers Wild

This week on, ya know, the show, ya know, that, ya know, just knows, ya know (?), the Real Good Boys are fresh off of the first RGS Baseball Club Little League game of the season and have a full report breaking down all the action from what promises to be an extremely entertaining summer season. PLUS: We keep it brief because John has to run off to a show! And a moratorium is issued on mailing in trading cards, because we love you guys, but we can't keep opening them forever.