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Episode 173: Death of a Failsman (with Mike Pfeil)

This week on the show that finally got fired, FlamesNation columnist MIKE PFEIL -- our man on the ground in Edmonton -- joins the show mourn the loss of the NHL's dumbest GM, and celebrate the legacy of the man who unquestionably ruined the Oilers. PLUS: Why this year's Flames are different, what the NHL got right at this year's All-Star Game, and what it still needs to fix going forward. And a little transcription creates a heap of trouble.

Episode 63: Banner Year (with Kevin Banner)

With Stefan off in New York City, comedian KEVIN BANNER stops by the Real Good Studios to discuss sitcom jobs, wrestlers who do "stand-up", his Cubs and Flames fandoms, and being the first comedian signed to 604 Records. PLUS: The contemptible politics of Curt Schilling, fixing racist team names, and how Kevin narrowly avoided a brawl at the Saddledome.

Episode 34: Iron Dung (with Thomas Drance)

The Real Good Boys get the band back together to get mad about the Canucks. Joining us with more sensible takes is Sportsnet columnist and Nation Network managing editor (not to mention first-ever RGS guest) Thomas Drance. Thom calls in from Rogers Arena to break down the Shinkaruk and Larsen deals, and look at where the Canucks find themselves heading into the trade deadline. PLUS: Bautista vs. Rogers! Jalen vs. 81! Benning vs. Cholera! And how do you poop inside an iron lung?