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Episode 107: Content Kitchen

This week on the show that lost the card game to Curt Schilling, we try to talk about Mayweather-McGregor as if it's already happened despite the fact that that we had to record before it did, and cover all of our bases by breaking down every possible outcome. PLUS: Kickball vs. Soccer Baseball! eSports animal movies! And Justin works himself into a shoot on a topic we will only be addressing one last time.

Episode 75: Furt Grilling

This week on the show that's asking you if you want us to be here, it's very late, the Real Good Boys are fresh off of recording a new donor episode, and things quickly get delirious as we're sucked down a Curt Schilling rabbit hole. PLUS: Aaron Rodgers' family feud! The Seagulls get lit up! Accusations of reverse racism in the NHL All-Star selections get one writer fired for being a complete dumbass! And Stefan joins a new church.

Posted on January 20, 2017 and filed under podcast.

Episode 63: Banner Year (with Kevin Banner)

With Stefan off in New York City, comedian KEVIN BANNER stops by the Real Good Studios to discuss sitcom jobs, wrestlers who do "stand-up", his Cubs and Flames fandoms, and being the first comedian signed to 604 Records. PLUS: The contemptible politics of Curt Schilling, fixing racist team names, and how Kevin narrowly avoided a brawl at the Saddledome.