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Episode 71: 12 Segments of Christmas II (with "Jared Leto", "Santa Claus", Paul Heck, Ryan Lambert, Jackson Playfair, "Remigio Pereira", and Michael Hale)

This week on the show that's got the game-winner (for f***'s sakes), it's the second-annual Twelve Segments of Christmas as the Real Good Boys host a Christmas party at Justin's new apartment and all kinds of guests stop by! JARED LETO returns to talk Christmas movies, and his side-business crafting political cartoon bumper stickers. SANTA CLAUS reveals which RGS host is on the naughty list, and why! Stefan's dad PAUL HECK reveals the keys to cooking good homemade stuffing. Yahoo! Sports' RYAN LAMBERT talks Team USA at the World Juniors, and provides scouting reports on John's fantasy team's NCAA prospects. Dalhousie Tigers forward / Auston Matthews insider JACKSON PLAYFAIR is back with a university student gift guide, and gives John the greatest gift of all! Lone wolf rogue tenor REMIGIO PEREIRA shares his inclusive Christmas carol. And MICHAEL HALE leaves a voicemail. PLUS: Our thanks to Felix Biederman and Jesse Farrar, for no real reason.

Episode 56: Beating A Dead Whatever (with Kari Campbell)

This week on the show full of fairy tale stuff you won't teach your kids about, we're joined by RGS Special Horse Girl, former show-jumper (and Justin's girlfriend) Kari Campbell, who schools us on whether the horse is doing all the work, how Stefan would fare as a rider, and why equestrian sports belong in the Olympics. PLUS: Ryan Lochte! Jared Leto! Will Hayes! And exploring the reggae roots of our dear friend, Harambe. We can't phantom you missing this one.

Episode 38: Open Phones (with Ed Zitron, "Jared Leto", TayTweets, and Dustin Forbes)

We're down a co-host this week on the show that keeps rolling... rolling... rolling right along, and with John off on tour, Justin and Stefan head to the phone boards for a slew of call-in guests. On the show this week: Vice Sports' resident monster truck expert Ed Zitron, Microsoft's toxic Twitter A.I. TayTweets, Lethbridge Hurricanes' play-by-play man Dustin Forbes, and Suicide Squad's resident joker Jared "The Joker" Leto. It's a jam-packed show with either something for everyone or nothing for nobody. You pick.