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Episode 115: Going Postal (with Rob Whisman)

This week on the show that's perplexed by adult goths, the Real Good Boys are joined by comedy writer ROB WHISMAN, a.k.a. Stefan's roommate, for a spirited discussion on the U.S. Postal Service's history of violence, Dave Foley's penis, and the cartoon skin colours of Doug. PLUS: The return of John Watches A Thing! Mike Leach is back! And how many rushing yards could you accumulate on 20 carries against a bunch of 7th graders?

Episode 58: Beagle Doodle (with Jesse Farrar)

We bring in the big gun to break down Lena Dunham's silent brush with Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Ball: Hollywood insider and Lenore Denim expert Jesse Farrar, who definitely knows exactly what Lingle Dingle's done this time. PLUS: The Raptors and Warriors sellout a Vancouver pre-season game in one minute! More Colin Kaepernick! The return of Make John Watch A Thing! A listener drops a staggering revelation about the Make-A-Wish Kids in the EA Sports NHL series! And hey man, don't say "whore" on the show.