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Episode 174: 60 Million Kaep (with Rob Rousseau)

This week on the show that was recorded before the Robert Kraft story broke, we go in on owners anyway! 49th Parahell's ROB ROUSSEAU joins the show to talk the Raptors loading up at the deadline, Colin Kaepernick's massive settlement in his collusion case against the NFL, the useless bloodsucking of sports owners, and the way professional sports fandom warps your perception of labour issues.

Episode 110: Technical Difficulties

This week on the show that's having the time of its life, the Real Good Boys hit double-digits inside triple-digits, which is not a thing. But anyway. Stefan's got internet trouble this week so he's a bit of a garbly robot. Justin produces an NHL broadcast. And John blows his leg off on a naval mine. PLUS: Someone sent a secret! Details on the Influencer program! A prolonged Stefan rant on the pure despair of Vancouver sports fandom! And Sergio Dipp barges into our hearts with the worst TV debut since The Shockmaster!

Episode 104: Vincibility (with Kyle Bottom)

This week on the show that deep down knows Colin Kaepernick is right, the Toasty Boys are joined by comedian KYLE BOTTOM, here to make the case for eSports as a sport. He's also here for an audition to replace Stefan, who has died from too much Hollywood Business. God, Stefan would have loved all this video game talk so much. It's heartbreaking really. RIP. PLUS: Colin Kaepernick! The Entourage Movie! League of Legends! And Skip Bayless finally says the right thing.

Episode 56: Beating A Dead Whatever (with Kari Campbell)

This week on the show full of fairy tale stuff you won't teach your kids about, we're joined by RGS Special Horse Girl, former show-jumper (and Justin's girlfriend) Kari Campbell, who schools us on whether the horse is doing all the work, how Stefan would fare as a rider, and why equestrian sports belong in the Olympics. PLUS: Ryan Lochte! Jared Leto! Will Hayes! And exploring the reggae roots of our dear friend, Harambe. We can't phantom you missing this one.

Episode 33: Prove Me Wrong, England (with Ewan Currie)

THE SHEEPDOGS' Ewan Currie swings by the pod this week to go deep on the Blue Jays, Riders, Raiders, cricket, CIS football and even the hit Huey Lewis & The News record "Sports" (on cassette). Music vs. Comedy! TV vs. Radio! Scoop vs. Prowl! PLUS: Which countries have the best women? And which serial killers were the best at baseball?!

Episode 32: Shoving Shushi (with @BronzeHammer & @fart)

We're living the high life this week as Jon Hendren and Jesse Farrar call in to talk Valentine's cards and ASMR. THEN: It's an episode full of retirement feelings as Marshawn Lynch and Daniel Bryan call it a career, and we pray Peyton Manning does the same. PLUS: Super Bowl! Beth Bartkowski! And John calls in from curling provincials to break down the Phaneuf deal.