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Episode 142: A Damn Delight (with David "The Coffee Boss" Booker)

This week on the show that lets the tank get down to halfway and then puts 20 bucks in, the Real Good Boys are all back in the studio and joined by David "The Coffee Boss" Booker to discuss MMA mishaps, fighting in Alaska, and how he got his nickname. PLUS: The Canucks pick 7th! The Leafs get eliminated from the postseason! John plays a gig in a small town! Trading our bad habits! And the boys issue a formal apology for their draft lottery stream.

Episode 44: Lost On Auston (with Chris Adam & Paul Heck)

The painful agony of defeat. The thrilling elation of victory. It's an episode full of hockey emotion, as we react to the outcomes of the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery. John calls in from the road, over the moon with Auston Matthews feelings. And we're joined once again by Stefan's roommate Chris, and for the first time by Stefan's dad, Paul Heck!