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Stop Defending the Sanctity of the ESPYs

Bruce Jenner was the most put-upon man in America.

There are so many reasons to be struck by sadness while watching an average episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That you have found yourself watching it is reason enough. But to see an Olympic hero, one of the most dynamic and accomplished athletes in American history, reduced to a national joke — a punching bag for his famous-for-being-famous family — was what did me in. If Jenner was escaping out the back door for a good cry away from prying eyes, who could have blamed him? Stumbling upon the show for fifteen minutes is intolerable enough. Imagine it being the inescapable reality of your life.

Watch any episode and you will see the ridiculous condescension and disrespect this champion endured for affording these ingrates the fabulous life they lead. What strength it must take to endure all that.

Little did we know of the depths of that strength. And little did we know of the depths of that sadness.