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Real Grap Show - Episode 2: Blue is the Warmest Brand (with Patrick Monahan)

The Grap Show returns! Justin is joined by comedian Patrick Monahan for a lengthy discussion on the state of WWE, why so many comedians and broadcasters are drawn to it, and how Pat got sucked in to the wild world of wrestling.

Episode 49: Dracula's Soirée (with Daniel Ralston & Patrick Monahan)

This week on the show that's getting it done in OT, rock journalist Daniel Ralston pops by to discuss his BuzzFeed piece about fake bands, fraudulent tours, and the disreputable origins of ZZ Top. least, we *think* it's the real Daniel Ralston. PLUS: Muppet Babies! The Frasier-verse! The Finals roll on! And we continue our thorough investigation of Troy Brouwer's gigantic balls.