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Episode 74: Iced Brie

This week on the show that makes the playoffs every year in Madden, the Real Good Boys are advancing feuds and congratulating dudes as we dig in our heels against a certain RGS Enemy and celebrate former guest Thomas Drance's new big time NHL job. PLUS: We debate the worst controllers in video game history, and open a pack of BC Place Stadium trading cards Justin's had sitting around since 2011.

Episode 72: Rude Fuccboi

This week we look back at the rude fuccboi that was 2016, rehashing all of our favourite soundbytes in our Top 10 Clips of the Year Countdown. PLUS: We revise the RGS Enemies List for 2016, get sentimental in recapping our favourite things about doing the show this year, and the boys continue to bag on the decor in Justin's new apartment.