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Episode 129: A Very Long Introduction

This week on the show that told you man, alphabetical order, man! The Real Good Boys try to make it through an entire episode without ever segueing out of the intro, and Stefan reveals his childhood wish to have leprosy. PLUS: Taking your laptop into the bathroom! John is nominated for a Vancouver comedy award! It's not a good award! NHL All-Star formats! The price of watermelons! And we pin down the price it would take to move the show to Nunavut full time.

Episode 52: Duranting & Raving (with Greg Howard)

With John off on tour, Stefan and Justin are joined by David Carr Fellow and New York Times Magazine writer Greg Howard to discuss Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors, the tackiness of Golden State's recruiting pitch, and what his departure means for Russell Westbrook. Then things get serious, with a frank discussion on how classist power structures at the amateur level create racial tension and disparity in traditionally white sports, and why "transcending race" is a lie. PLUS: lots of P.K. Subban feelings, Stefan's experiences in professional political trolling, and why Edmonton fans deserve to suffer.