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Episode 154: Prescription Pubes (with Ryan Williams)

This week on the show that learned to become a Wizard, John is away which means comedian RYAN WILLIAMS returns as special guest co-host! Ryan may be taking his role a little too seriously however, as he's begun dressing in John's clothes, opening his mail, and writing in John's diary about how to manage all his new responsibilities. PLUS: Cottage vs. cabin! We reminisce once more about that awful soda, Orbitz! Josh Hader's racist tweets! Johnny Manziel's big move! Ryan comes out swinging against lettuce wraps! And we all do duelling John impressions.

Episode 132: The Professor (with Ryan Williams)

This week on the show that's not watching Olympic hockey (thanks Bettman), comedian RYAN WILLIAMS returns to tell us how to void a sample in athletic drug testing, and bring the energy Stefan can no longer muster after 12 hours of Twitch streaming. PLUS: John goes deep on Olympic curling controversies! I believe! Do you believe?? I love my thick wife! And we set our trading blocks for the trade deadline of life.

Episode 73: Skins vs. Skins (with Ryan Williams)

This week it's a squealer of an episode as your favourite boys get back to goofin' with current Vancouver comedian and former Kamloops Broncos lineman RYAN WILLIAMS. Ryan regales us with tales of his CJFL days, going in-depth on the doping scrutiny and lopsided scores in Canada's most under-reported football league. PLUS: Shaq's underwear! Kiss Cam incest! And how good would we be in NHL17?