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Episode 91: Poker Mom Monster (with Devin Mackenzie)

This week on the show that doesn't know how you cheer for a guy like that, actor / writer / improviser DEVIN MACKENZIE of HIP.BANG and BLIND TIGER joins the Real Good Boys to discuss the futility of being good in the era of Curry and LeBron, his worst sports injury, and the doting fans of Dr. Indiana Jones. PLUS: John is tired! Stefan is wired! Justin expired! The one thing you're better at than every NHLer! And we reveal the prizes for the winners of the RGS Fan Art contest.

Episode 43: Tim Allen Grunt

Recorded over a week ago, it's an episode that might seem dated had we been able to talk sports for longer than, I don't know, ten minutes? So thank real goodness we couldn't! It's another delirious late night recording session, as we talk Angry Birds, the Emoji Movie, Robocop, Robo-Jocks, and the best American candies. PLUS: We bid farewell to hockey's douchiest teams! And Stefan's roommate, Chris Adam, returns to the show to talk porn parodies and the best episodes of Home Improvement.