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Episode 170: Fixing For A Jones (with Josh Custodio)

This week on the show that has singlehandedly killed the UFC, CHICA bassist and Justin’s Top Marks co-host JOSH CUSTODIO stops by the show to make sense of the latest Jon Jones drug test mess and break down an eventful UFC 232 card that helped the company put a positive exclamation point on what had otherwise been a rocky 2018. PLUS: The search for UFC’s great babyface! Amanda Nunes and the future of women’s MMA! How Conor vs Khabib has become The Prestige! And we’re all enjoying dunking on Darren Rovell, but is there some level of truth to his perspective? Plus the boys dish on their favourite movies of the year.

Episode 103: A For Assumptions (with Gavin Matts)

This week on the show that's in for a rude awakening when I get back from vacation, the Real Good Boys are joined by comedian GAVIN MATTS to discuss Stephen A. Smith's status as an evil wizard, a big night for the UFC, and a joke from last week's show that we're just going to beat into the ground forever apparently. I don't know. I don't even know what episode number it is. PLUS: Justin works for the CJFL now! And Stefan has a very bad experience with edibles at Dodgers Stadium.

Episode 99: Serial Joe C (with Kevvy)

This week on the show that dares you to put that in your report, you little pipsqueak, FAKE SHARK lead singer KEVVY joins the Real Good Boys to talk about touring with Marilyn Manson, meeting Limp Bizkit, and writing music for WWE Films. PLUS: Picking Stefan's bandwagon teams in LA! Pooping in the octagon! First concerts! Sending human remains into space! And John and Kevvy announce their new nü-metal podcast The P.O.D.cast.

Episode 66: We Sought A Zoo (with Frankie MacDonald)

This week on the show that does whatever the f*** it wants, we're joined by Canadian YouTube sensation, earthquake soothsayer and all-around delightful human Frankie MacDonald to discuss his weather methodology, future plans for global media domination, and of course: girls. PLUS: Jake Virtanen's stuff! Kate Upton's tweets! Delicious bugs! And when a man's love for his horse goes a step too far.

Episode 36: Chair Mate (with Jeb Lund)

At a time when it's difficult to draw the line between kayfabe and reality, Jeb Lund (Rolling Stone, The Guardian, MSNBC) is here to set us straight on Week One of the tabloid trial of the century: Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker -- its journalistic implications, and its undeniable comedy. Meanwhile, reality keeps interfering with Dana White's grand designs for UFC 200, and the sincerity of the Canucks' mental health initiatives is called into question. PLUS: RGS gets sponsored! The return of the Taffer Tracker! And the birth and death of the infamous "illegal pie" bit.