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Episode 86: Team Goat Willie

This week on the show that won't go to North Korea, we've all got our reasons to be happy: the Leafs are in the playoffs, and the Canucks have fired head coach Willie Desjardins. We happily bury the coach who gave our show its name, and sort out why Leafs fans would have been mad if their team didn't make it in. PLUS: Judging the accuracy of Vancouver video game levels, predicting the big stories of two months from now, a Twilight Zone-esque bargain to get rid of Linden and Benning, and everyone's favourite game: What's The Weather? RIP Willie, gone but never forgotten.

Episode 69: Genuinely Nice (with Devang Desai)

This week on the Canadian Comedy Award Participation Trophy-winning program, we have a blast with Devang Desai (formerly of Toronto FC, now panning for gold out west). It's a big show beyond just the funny number, as Stefan gets a hot scoop on Jim Benning's use of analytics. The Canucks played the Leafs... Is this even a rivalry? And with TFC in the MLS Cup Final, what is the soccer culture in Toronto? What is the future of MLS? PLUS: Devil sticks! Eating a puck! iPod vs. Zune! And we come up with the best damn sports-playing animal movie of all time, UFSea.

Episode 66: We Sought A Zoo (with Frankie MacDonald)

This week on the show that does whatever the f*** it wants, we're joined by Canadian YouTube sensation, earthquake soothsayer and all-around delightful human Frankie MacDonald to discuss his weather methodology, future plans for global media domination, and of course: girls. PLUS: Jake Virtanen's stuff! Kate Upton's tweets! Delicious bugs! And when a man's love for his horse goes a step too far.