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Episode 132: The Professor (with Ryan Williams)

This week on the show that's not watching Olympic hockey (thanks Bettman), comedian RYAN WILLIAMS returns to tell us how to void a sample in athletic drug testing, and bring the energy Stefan can no longer muster after 12 hours of Twitch streaming. PLUS: John goes deep on Olympic curling controversies! I believe! Do you believe?? I love my thick wife! And we set our trading blocks for the trade deadline of life.

Episode 79: 52 Card Scuffle

This week on the show whose hosts deserve five for fighting, John is back from curling provincials and he's furious that Stefan and Justin opened up a mailed-in gift last week without him. This populist man of the people, famous for being the kindest and most welcoming of the RGS hosts, is rallying the listeners behind him in the John World Order using the hashtag #TeamCullen. PLUS: Genie Bouchard goes on a date with a fan from Twitter, the boys debate curling lingo, and Justin maps out his steroid intake to participate in the Tour de France. Oh, and more Desert Storm cards!

Episode 33: Prove Me Wrong, England (with Ewan Currie)

THE SHEEPDOGS' Ewan Currie swings by the pod this week to go deep on the Blue Jays, Riders, Raiders, cricket, CIS football and even the hit Huey Lewis & The News record "Sports" (on cassette). Music vs. Comedy! TV vs. Radio! Scoop vs. Prowl! PLUS: Which countries have the best women? And which serial killers were the best at baseball?!