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Episode 135: Easy as Pie (with Katie-Ellen Humphries)

This week, on the show that stays at the Comfort Inn and eats at Wendy's, comedian KATIE-ELLEN HUMPHRIES makes her debut on the show to help the boys pledge allegiance to Pie Day, the one day a year where it is legal to consume pie. And what a delicious pie it was. PLUS: John Reads a Thing! The miserable life of George R.R. Martin! Katie-Ellen explains the plot of J-Lo vehicle Maid in Manhattan! And Justin washes his beard in John's kitchen sink.

Episode 83: Woke Daddy (with Tom Hill)

This week on the show that's still #1 until you can find one better, the Real Good Boys are joined by HIP.BANG/BLIND TIGER improviser TOM HILL for a Pi Day spectacular that involves eating pie, opening mail, and flipping through Desert Storm cards. This is an unboxing podcast now. PLUS: Iain MacIntyre vs. CanucksArmy! Spa retreats! And obscure Parker Brothers board games.