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Episode 97: RGS Live! Vol. II (with Chris James & Elizabeth Heck)

Recorded live at The HiVE Social Space in Vancouver, BC on Friday, June 16th, 2017. The Real Good Boys bring the show before an audience for the second time ever, and are joined by perennial favourite Chris James for a 'Where Are They Now?' on the storied athletes of the Pro Bowling Association, and Stefan's mother Elizabeth Heck for speculation on pro athlete penises. PLUS: Justin and Stefan solved the Akron Pooper case back in January and finally decide to talk about it. No, really. For real.

Episode 68: Dealnerys Scoregaryen

This week on the show that's not sure which play you're talking about: Game of Thrones references from people who've never watched Game of Thrones! J.R. Smith! The CFL! Waterslide poops! Put a Cheeto in your mouth and shut the f***ing heck up, b****!