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Episode 166: Back in the Saddle (with Nick Dika)

This week on the show that's back from the dead, Justin lays out his vision of the future of the show and hopes that you'll stick around to see it through with him. The show comes back in earnest next week, but in the meantime, there's already an example of what an RGS episode with Justin flying solo with guest sounds like. Chances are, you just haven't heard it…

Episode 99: Serial Joe C (with Kevvy)

This week on the show that dares you to put that in your report, you little pipsqueak, FAKE SHARK lead singer KEVVY joins the Real Good Boys to talk about touring with Marilyn Manson, meeting Limp Bizkit, and writing music for WWE Films. PLUS: Picking Stefan's bandwagon teams in LA! Pooping in the octagon! First concerts! Sending human remains into space! And John and Kevvy announce their new nü-metal podcast The P.O.D.cast.

Episode 87: All-In Leaves (with Jon Gallant)

This week on the show that keeps coming and coming and coming, BILLY TALENT bassist JON GALLANT joins the Real Good Boys in the immediate aftermath and elation of Leafs/Caps Game 3 to discuss his friendships with Maple Leafs players over the years, breaking the Toronto sports curse, the Dart Guy phenomenon, and the relationship between his sports pain and his music. PLUS: Justin plots a tent city protest against the Canucks, while Stefan has some questions about penguin biology for Professor Cullen.

Episode 67: Breaking The Glass Floor (with Steve Sladkowski)

This week on the show where after this, everything changes, the Real Good Boys are joined by PUP guitarist STEVE SLADKOWSKI for a lively discussion about sleeping in flophouses, the future of the Blue Jays, and what it really means to be third best on the losing side of a CIS women's basketball game. PLUS: The Taffer Tracker! Sonic vs. Shrek! And tracking the advanced stats of your life.

Episode 61: Butt Funnel (with Graham Wright)

This week on the show declaring war on the cyber-humans, TOKYO POLICE CLUB's Graham Wright stops by for a lively chat with the CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD-NOMINATED Real Good Boys. We guide Graham through his Canadian music industry fantasy hockey draft while discussing the Blue Jays' Wild Card beer thrower, Jason Whitlock's incomprehensible anti-Twitter screed, and the etiquette of re-entering fast food joints you've just exited. PLUS: The Taffer Tracker returns in one of its finest appearances to date, and we announce some exciting new plans for the future of RGS.

Episode 49: Dracula's Soirée (with Daniel Ralston & Patrick Monahan)

This week on the show that's getting it done in OT, rock journalist Daniel Ralston pops by to discuss his BuzzFeed piece about fake bands, fraudulent tours, and the disreputable origins of ZZ Top. least, we *think* it's the real Daniel Ralston. PLUS: Muppet Babies! The Frasier-verse! The Finals roll on! And we continue our thorough investigation of Troy Brouwer's gigantic balls.

Episode 33: Prove Me Wrong, England (with Ewan Currie)

THE SHEEPDOGS' Ewan Currie swings by the pod this week to go deep on the Blue Jays, Riders, Raiders, cricket, CIS football and even the hit Huey Lewis & The News record "Sports" (on cassette). Music vs. Comedy! TV vs. Radio! Scoop vs. Prowl! PLUS: Which countries have the best women? And which serial killers were the best at baseball?!

Episode 31: Podcats Are Hummin' (with Max Kerman)

The charismatic frontman of Arkells, Max Kerman visits Real Good Show to dish on his NBA All-Star Celebrity write-in campaign, the Raps' illustrious history of awful European white guys, and why he should never be the one to negotiate the fee. Super Bowl preview! John Scott review! And how much crying is allowable. PLUS: It's an episode full of explosive exclusives, as Max teases Arkells' next album, and John and Justin reveal upcoming RGS guests.

Interview: SAM ROBERTS on rural shows, Lo-Fantasy as a dance record, and a new EP on the way.

Sam Roberts is a Canadian rock songsmith from Montreal, QC who has been playing in bands for more than twenty years. Earlier this summer, his breakout EP The Inhuman Condition -- one of the biggest successes in Canadian independent music history -- celebrated its twelfth anniversary, and earlier this year, the Sam Roberts Band released their fifth full-length studio record, Lo-Fantasy. Sam Roberts Band played the Tumbler Ridge Golf & Country Club on Sunday, August 10th, and after the show, Peace FM's own Justin Morissette was fortunate to chat with Sam about seeing the country through music, the stigma that Lo-Fantasy is a "dance record", and finding a home for lost songs.