We've been lucky to be joined by a number of amazing people since we started this thing. New to show? Go back and catch the old Real Good interviews you may have missed!


Jesse Farrar

No one has made more appearances on RGS than Jesse Farrar, a versatile performer who has appeared as himself, his ASMR-obsessed cousin Tony, racist Twitter A.I. TayTweets, KattWillFerrell Online Security Chief Dick Pud, and himself.

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Kyle Wellwood

The former NHLer (and Stefan's favourite hockey player of all-time) joined us to tell stories from his pro hockey career in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and San Jose. He told stories of Mats Sundin, the Sedin twins, Alain Vigneault, and of course: the pool-side paparazzi photo that caused him all sorts of trouble. PLUS: Kyle reveals what he's up to now that hockey's over, and who the best DOTA 2 players to watch on YouTube are.

It's our favourite interview to date.

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melissa stetten shrimps.jpg

Melissa Stetten

The former model turned writer called in to promote her Seeso documentary, THE PISTOL SHRIMPS. Melissa goes in-depth on L.A. women's rec league basketball, casually breaks down the 2016 NBA playoffs, and tells a hilarious story of cyber-stalking Blake Griffin.

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Max Kerman

The ARKELLS front-man (and Justin's dream guest) stopped by on the Vancouver leg of the band's last round of High Noon touring to talk about his motown influences, his affinity for podcasts, Drake, the Raptors and the online push to have Max represent Canada at the 2016 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game in Toronto.

Follow Max and Arkells on Twitter @Max_Kerman and @arkellsmusic. Their latest album, Morning Report, is available now.

Ewan Currie.jpg

Ewan Currie

THE SHEEPDOGS' singer stopped in for a lengthy and stunningly candid chat about his cassette tape collection (music and old Blue Jays radio broadcasts), his collegiate football career, women, comedy, women, the music industry, women, and which serial killers would be the best at baseball.

Follow Ewan and The Sheepdogs on Twitter @EwanJCurrie and @TheSheepdogs. Their latest album, Future Nostalgia, is now available.

Graham Wright

TOKYO POLICE CLUB's keyboardist/guitarist visited the Real Good Boys for expert guidance through his Canadian music industry fantasy draft, and a lively discussion about the Blue Jays' Wild Card beer thrower, Jason Whitlock, Jon Taffer, and the etiquette of re-entering fast food joints you've just exited.

Follow Graham and Tokyo Police Club on Twitter @grahamwright and @TokyoPoliceClub. Their latest double-EP, Melon Collie & The Infinite Radness Vol. I & II, is now streaming on whichever service you use. Or you could buy it. Whichever.

Steve Sladkowski

PUP's guitarist visited the Real Good Studio to talk sleeping in flophouses, his faith in the Blue Jays' future under Mark Shapiro, and what it truly means to be third best on the losing side of a women's CIS basketball game.

Follow Steve and PUP on Twitter @sladkow and @puptheband. Their latest album, The Dream Is Over, is available wherever you get your music.